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  We publish BSL books for Deaf readers and hearing BSL learners. The books are in BSL and English so the Deaf readers can learn English through the medium of BSL whilst the hearing learners can study and understand BSL through the written English text.

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To see the BSL books, please click 'BSL Books' below.

Not only we do BSL books, we also translate English text in the internet into BSL by means of BSL video clips and Flash pop-outs. You really need to see the whole thing to appreciate how it is done - please just click 'BSL Web Translation Service' below.

Finally we offer BSL courses in level 1 and level 2 in a unique way. We will have all our teaching materials online and we will make use of present video technology for learners to produce their own BSL work just like literacy learners with their written work. For further information, please click the 'BSL Courses' on the right.

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